An Opportunity to transform healthcare delivery, medical practice and technical innovation


specialized consulting house interested in disseminating knowledge and technical know-how in matters related to medicine and technology that would streamline development and spur innovation. The firm has a proven track record in establishing and coordinating collaboration between the United States of America and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries in portfolios related to medical, scientific and technical affairs on the individual, institutional, commercial, philanthropic and governmental levels.

In that regard, the firm’s executives have a proven track record in establishing strong bridges of knowledge sharing programs between the United States and the MENA region, particularly Egypt the most populous country in the region, in medical, healthcare and technical fields that served professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

They have been invited as keynote speakers at multiple international conferences, forums to display and share their passion, accomplishments and vision to local and global audience. The firm’s executives have been featured in multiple media platforms, watched by millions of viewers and have been received by key state dignitaries and senior officials in recognition of their achievements in that endeavor.

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