We are specialized consulting house interested in disseminating knowledge and technical know-how in matters related to medicine and technology that would streamline development and spur innovation.

Middle East and North Africa countries; especially Egypt, offer unique opportunities to innovate in developing new systems that not only improve the health care for their citizens, but can also serve as a model for the rest of the world.

We strive on establishing collaboration between the U.S. and Middle East countries; exchange of experiences, training, and mutual cooperation between institutions and healthcare stakeholders are becoming an increasing need, which benefits all concerned.

In brief, we focus on launching and supporting programs focusing on
  • In brief, we focus on launching and supporting programs focusing on :
  • Innovation and skills transformation.
  • Bilateral educational and training programs.
  • Public-private partnership (PPP).
  • Support of Philanthropic initiatives and causes.

An Opportunity to transform healthcare delivery, medical practice and technical innovation based on the most up to date models and best practices adopted on a global level.

Our clients are the key players in this view of the world, these are:

  • Governments: which set policy and national health framework.
  • Providers; including hospitals, institutes, universities, clinicians as well as the new generation of health delivery businesses.
  • Suppliers; those stakeholders in health industries ranging from real estate hospital architects, pharmaceuticals and biotech startups.
  • Users: often forgotten as the most important part of a sustainable system.
  • Engagement through education and awareness which is the key to the success of all the above mentioned stakeholders.
  • This mutual respect and regard have helped SMART CONSULT leadership advocate and support multiple global initiatives in matters related to healthcare, science and technology benefiting professionals in both regions.
  • Dr. El Fiky briefed the joint committee members during the hearing on global regulatory policy, GCP guidelines, medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance regulations and best practices governing clinical trial conduct.
  • In addition to Dr. El Fiky’s support for clinical research initiatives, he chairs the international organizing committees for the annual conferences of the Egyptian Society for Laboratory Medicine and the Egyptian Society for Allergy and Immunology for the past 4 years, two of the largest medical societies in Egypt and the Middle East. Dr. El Fiky was instrumental in raising the awareness of international medical community with the proceedings of these conferences and contributing to recruiting and inviting world class scientists and physicians from leading universities around the world including Stanford and Baylor, as well as the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to join these conferences.