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Philanthropy For Better Health
May 30, 2018
Advising Egypt’s Parliament
May 22, 2018

"Esmaouna" is a non-for-profit Egypt based organization that invites Egyptian experts overseas in all disciplines of medicine, science and technology to collaborate and lecture at Egyptian universities. In February 2018, "Esmanouna" Foundation invited SMART CONSULT's President and Chief Scientist to give lectures on clinical research and regulatory policy at Suez Canal University Teaching Hospital and Damnhur University Faculty of Pharmacy. In each visit, Dr. El Fiky was greeted and hosted by Dr. Mamfouh Ghorab (President of Suez Canal University and Dr. Saleh Ebeed President of Damanhur University. Dr. El Fiky's lectures were attended by over 500 undergraduate, graduate students and faculty members. His visit to Damnhur University was followed by an appearance at Damanhur Opera House Forum to speak on global science progress and the role of Egyptian scientists oversees in Egypt's scientific renaissance.