Leveraging Medical Education in Egypt

International & Local Government Relations
May 22, 2018

SMART CONSULT’s President and Chief Scientist graduated from Egypt’s University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine. He continues to offer his support to knowledge sharing and capacity building initiatives to his alma mater. In 2015, Dr El Fiky was invited by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine to give a lecture at the Faculty’s main auditorium. The lecture was attended by the current and former deans, teaching faculty and graduate students. Following the lecture, Dr. El Fiky visited the teaching hospital’s Clinical Research Center (CRC) upon an invitation from the CRC’s Executive Director to get a synopsis on the objectives and progress of the center. In recognition of Dr. El Fiky, the Vice President of the University of Alexandria, upon a nomination from the Faculty of Medicine, appointed Dr. El Fiky as an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Research at the Faculty of Medicine in August 2016. The following year, in 2017, Dr. El Fiky was invited as the main keynote speaker at the CRC Clinical Research Network forum that gather all stakeholders of clinical research in Egypt where Dr. El Fiky gave a lecture on the role of medical monitoring and pharmacovigilance in clinical trials’ conduct.

In addition to Dr. El Fiky’s support for clinical research initiatives, he chairs the international organizing committees for the annual conferences of the Egyptian Society for Laboratory Medicine and the Egyptian Society for Allergy and Immunology for the past 4 years, two of the largest medical societies in Egypt and the Middle East. Dr. El Fiky was instrumental in raising the awareness of international medical community with the proceedings of these conferences and contributing to recruiting and inviting world class scientists and physicians from leading universities around the world including Stanford and Baylor, as well as the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to join these conferences. In recognition of his efforts, Dr. El Fiky was elected as the Vice President of the Alexandria Allergy Society.