Philanthropy For Better Health

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May 30, 2018
Global Academic Collaboration
May 22, 2018

Dr. Ashraf El Fiky, SMART CONSULT's President and Chief Scientist, has been a science and philanthropy activist through out his medical career. In 2017, Dr. El Fiky co-hosted a fundraiser event for Egypt's Children Cancer Hospital 57357 (CCHE) and Egypt Cancer Network at Virginia's Westin Hotel . In that event, Dr El Fiky gave a speech highlighting the hospital's efforts in combating pediatric cancers in Egypt free of charge to all admitted patients. The fundraiser was attended by His Excellency Egypt;s Ambassador to the United States, actor Hussein Fahmy and members of the Egyptian community in the east coast. Few months later, Dr. El Fiky hosted a reception at his own home for the hospital's managing director and a senior delegation from the hospital's physicians. In 2018, Dr. El Fiky arranged a collaboration between Children Cancer Hospital of Egypt and George Washington University (GWU) School of Medicine which culminated in that event where CCHE hosted the Head of the Department of Genomic and Precision Medicine at George Washington University. The collaboration will aim at creating a joint program in brain tumor research. In recognition of such collaboration, the Board of Directors of CCHE appointed Dr. El Fiky as a member of the CCHE’s Advisory Council.

In another example of SMART CONSULT's President's advocacy for philanthropic initiatives, he accepted the invitation to join the Board of Directors of the American Friends of Ahl Masr Foundation, a 503 (c) designated non for profit foundation. The Ahl Masr foundation aims to treat under served patients of burn and trauma through a state of the art hospital on the outskirts of Cairo slatted to open by 2020. In 2018, the Chairman of Ahl Masr Foundation, Ms. Heba El Sweedy hosted Dr. El Fiky at the Foundation's headquarters in Cairo to discuss means of enhancing medical training, skills and capacity building initiatives with American healthcare institutions.

In a continuation of SMART CONSULT's executives support for healthcare initiatives in Egypt, they were invited at the residence of His Excellency Ambassador of Egypt's residence to meet with Sir Magdy Yacoub, MD The prominent Egyptian-British heart surgeon to discuss means to support the Magdy Yacoub Foundation and heart hospital in Aswan.