The 2018 World Youth Forum

New York City – 2018 US Arab Healthcare and Business Summit
October 6, 2018

President and Vice President of Smart Consult received an official invitation to attend the 2018 World Youth Forum at the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh.
The 4-day global event was inaugurated and attended by Egypt’s President AbdelFattah ElSisi and his senior government members. The event focused on the empowerment of youth and women and exploring leadership opportunities for youth from all over the world. Dr. El Fiky was invited to speak as a panelist at a session entitled: “Entrepreneurship, innovation and supporting start-ups”.
He discussed his experience in establishing Smart Consult as a start-up in the space of healthcare and technical innovation. The panel was shared with entrepreneurs from all over the world.
The session was attended by His Excellency Minister of telecommunication and the Deputy Minister of Trade. After the session, Dr. El Fiky answered multiple questions from the audience who filled the 200-attendee conference hall before accepting to sit for a 15 minute interview with Egypt’s leading Nile News TV channel. Throughout the 4 day event, Smart Consult’s executives had the opportunity to confer, speak and exchange ideas with leading members of the Egyptian government, Egyptian and Arab business leaders as well as members of Egypt’s Presidential Leadership Program (PLP) on ways and means to spur innovation, support knowledge transfer and empower entrepreneurship, scientific research and global leadership.